Connect G Suite Email

ETS now provides a service based on the G Suite for Education platform, which meets the needs of customers of the Connect service. We have replaced the Microsoft Office365 platform with G Suite for Education for email & calendaring.

If you haven't used G Suite Apps, either personally or at a previous job, we recommend you review our guide on usability differences between G Suite Mail and traditional email services.

Connect G Suite Client Options are available, but we recommend accessing your Connect/G Suite account directly from your browser (preferably Chrome).

Connect G Suite Mail offers a different set of "client" applications from Connect Office365.

Select a client below to learn about configuring that client for use with Connect.

    Windows Mac OS Linux Mobile

Google Web Access

- Google's web-based mail & calendar client

x x x x

Mozilla Thunderbird

- the Mozilla organization's free mail & calendar client

x x x  

Microsoft Outlook Windows 2010/2013/2016

Microsoft Outlook Mac 2011

- the mail client bundled with Microsoft Office

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Apple Mail 6-  Mountain Lion
Apple Mail 7 & 8-  Mavericks, Yosemite
Apple Mail 9 & 10-  El Capitan, Sierra

- the mail client bundled with Apple Mac OS X


Android Mail

- the mail client built-in to Android smartphones


Apple iPhone/iPad iOS 

- the mail client built-in to Apple iOS


If the client you want to use isn't listed here, check our Generic Mail Client Configuration for details on how to configure it for use with use with Connect G Suite. We only support the above clients for use with Connect G Suite and can't guarantee that other clients will work to your satisfaction.


Client-Specific Tips

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