Whether you're a new student, faculty or staff member, visiting scholar, postdoc, or affiliate, you are eligible for a variety of technology services at UCSB. The Connect website features the messaging & collaboration services available to you, but also make sure to review the it.ucsb.edu website for a full listing of available services.


Email and Calendar

Google Workspace provides the UCSB community with ad-free use of an @ucsb.edu email address, calendaring and more! Learn about Google Mail and Google Calendar, including the Connect Privacy FAQs.

Online Storage, Sharing, and Document Management

Connect account holders have free access to online storage in Google Drive. This service can also be used for content collaboration and sharing. For departments needing more sophisticated capabilities, check out SharePoint Online. Compare features and learn more about available Document Management options. 

Mailing Lists and Groups

Connect Lists (Google Groups) makes communication and collaboration with groups quick and easy. In addition to serving as a standard mailing list, you can use it to send calendar invites, and manage document sharing and permissions.

Chat and Communication Tools

Zoom is a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and simple online meetings. Google Chat is a free collaboration tool built for teams that offers dedicated rooms and threaded conversations. Google Meet is a free video conferencing tool that's integrated with your calendar and other Google Workspace apps.

Web sites powered by Pantheon

The service features hosting along with ongoing maintenance and management via the Cloud service provider, Pantheon, to ensure 24x7x365 availability, performance, and security. 

Connect Sites, a website hosting and content management service, provides easy, self-editable content, simple web forms to create on the fly, and myriad advanced features available via plug-in "modules."


Changes to our services will be implemented as part of various projects. Here are ongoing projects the Connect team is working on.

Connect Advisory Group

The goal of Connect Advisory Group is to 

  • represent the large stakeholders, and 
  • discuss and advise on all things "Connect" Messaging and Collaboration Services. 

Membership rotates and is by invite only. Please contact the current Connect Advisory group chair if you have questions.