Some of those who come to Connect Google Workspace from a Microsoft messaging environment may elect to continue to use the Outlook mail client. For details on setup, see our configuration guides for Outlook.

Because Google Workspace takes a different approach to email & collaboration than Microsoft, some of the traditional Outlook behaviors are different in an Outlook/Google environment. We've summarized these here:

In Traditional Outlook:

In Outlook/Google Workspace Mail:
"Recover deleted items” can be used to recover messages purged within the last 30 days from your “Deleted Items” folder.

The “Recover deleted items” is not available. We recommend you archive messages, rather than deleting them.  Archived messages are never deleted.

Out-of-Office autoreply notifications can be configured within Outlook. Out-of-Office notifications are supported, but must be configured using Google Mail or Mobile app.
You can request Delivery Receipts and Read Receipts. Neither Delivery Receipts nor Read Receipts are available.
The "Recall Message" feature can be used to "un-send" message you've sent if the recipient has not yet read it. Recalling sent messages is not possible in Outlook/Google Mail. When used, this action results in 2 messages being sent: the original message, plus another that reveals your attempt to recall.
Contact folders may be shared. Contact sharing is not available.
New drafts are synced between Outlook and the server.

Drafts created in Outlook/Google Mail are not synced to the server, so they are not visible using Google Mail. Drafts created in Google Mail are synced to Outlook/Google Mail.


For a complete listing of items, visit the Google Workspace Help Page: