Prepare for Disabling Less Secure Apps

Blocking sign-ins from Less secure apps helps keep accounts safe. For these reasons, Google is limiting password-based programmatic sign-ins to Google Accounts. This may have an impact on older email clients that don't support OAuth2 and other applications that don't offer the "sign in with Google" option.  This also affects accounts that have been configured to "Send Mail As" from another account.

Start using alternatives to Less secure apps as soon as possible. 

If you are having an issue with an email client, You can still access your email and calendar using the Gmail app via your browser.  Go to to sign in.

Note: When 2-step Verification is turned on for an account, access to less secure apps is automatically disabled. 

We encourage local IT to be involved with updating their users' clients so that any necessary configurations can be preserved.  ETS can assist with setting up the recommended/supported clients. 

Check the settings for commonly used email clients, like Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail.


  1. Install/upgrade to the latest version of the client, 2016 and newer is required.
  2. Open Outlook
  3. Click File → Account Settings → Account Settings
  4. Double click the account name
  5. Verify the proper settings as shown in step 6-8 of the Outlook Connect User Guide


  1. Install/upgrade to the latest version of the client
  2. Open Thunderbird
  3. Right-click on the email address in the left column → Settings
  4. Verify the proper settings as shown in step 6-8 of the Thunderbird Connect User Guide

Apple Mail (Catalina macOS or later)

  1. Open Apple Mail*
  2. Mail → Preferences → Accounts → Server Settings
  3. Verify the proper settings as shown in step 11 of the Apple Mail Connect User Guide

* For older Apple Mail versions (Mojave and earlier), follow the steps outlines in the 'Alternatives to Less secure apps - App Passwords' section below.  If you prefer to upgrade Apple Mail instead, you need to upgrade your macOS.  Please consult with your local IT team before upgrading your macOS.

Alternatives to Less secure apps - App Passwords

If you're using an application or email client that does not support OAuth2, you can use Google's App Passwords feature.  In order to use this feature, you must first enable Google's 2-Step Verification.

  1. Click your Google profile icon
  2. Click Manage your Google account
  3. Click Security from the left naviagtion bar
  4. Under "Signing in to Google", click App passwords
  5. Enter your Connect account password
  6. Select the Application and/or Device from the drop down options.  Select "Other..." to type the name of the application
  7. The App Password is the 16-character code in the yellow bar on your device
  8. Click Done
  9. Go to the Settings section of your app and replace your password with the 16-character password.  This app password grants complete access to your Google Account.  You won't need to remember it, so don't write it down or share it with anyone.