Connect Accounts

Connect Account Eligibility

Connect provides email, calendaring, and collaboration services for UCSB faculty and staff. To be eligible for a Connect Account, you must first have activated your UCSB Identity.

Getting a Connect Account

Connect account provisioning is an automatic process that occurs at the time a user activates their UCSBnetID.  If the department's Group Tagger tags them accordingly, the CDA can add aliases and manage the account.  This includes deactivating accounts when they are no longer needed. 

If you're not sure who is your CDA for your parent organization please consult our CDA Directory.

Connect Account Deletion

The CDA for their department can sign into the CAP and deactivate a Connect Account when an individual leaves the University or the account is otherwise no longer needed.  Deactivating only suspends the account and does not delete associated data.  It does prevent the user from logging into the account and any email sent to the address will bounce..