1. Click on to access the UCSB Connect website.

2. Click on the Help link at top right of the Connect website homepage.

3. Click on the Service Request link in the Help section.


This will take you to the ETSC Self-Service portal.

4. When prompted, enter your UCSBnetID and password.

Click on a link under Messaging and Collaboration > Related Categories. For example, click on Connect Calendaring if you have a request or issue with calendaring.

Note: If you click on the Enterprise Technology Services logo or the ETS Service Catalog link or back arrow, you will be taken to the full Service Catalog. However, you only have access to Messaging and Collaboration services at this time.


6. Click on an Item such as Close Connect Calendar Account.


7. A form will open that is specific to the service request item that you selected. Certain fields will automatically populate on the form, such as your contact information.

8. If appropriate, you can search for and select different contact informationTo do this, either type the information into the Requested for field or click on the “magnifier glass” to search for and select the contact’s name. Once selected, the system will populate the Requested for Phone and Requested for Email fields if they are available.

You should NOT change the Opened By name
Note: When you select a Service Item, a form will open that is specific to that type of service. If you select an item related to an issue, such as Unable to Access Connect Calendar, the form will include additional fields. For example, Urgency and Impact drop-down lists will be available and you can select both the Urgency and Impact levels for your issue.

9. Fill in the remaining required fields (indicated by a red tag that turns green when the field is completed).

10. Include as much information as you have in the Detailed Description field (see image above). If the form is for an issue, it will include a required Notes/Comments field.
NOTE: You can add an attachment(s) to help describe the request or issue: click on the small paperclip icon in the upper right corner of the form.

11. Depending on the form that is displayed, you will see either an Order Now or a Submit button.  For Requests, the Order Now button will be displayed on the form.  If you have an issue (something is broken), the Submit button will be displayed on the form.  Click on the button that is displayed to submit your ticket once you are done.

Service Request