The UCSBnetID is your unique identifier for the duration of your career at UCSB and is meant to be permanent. However, exceptions may be granted in certain circumstances.

See the UCSBnetID Reissue information at UCSB Identity Services for details.

Note that if you have a Connect account and plan to change your UCSBnetID, you must coordinate this change with your CDA (Connect Departmental Administrator) to make sure all your addresses are updated.

Before you request a change to your UCSBnetID, be aware that after the change your old address <oldnetid> must not be used to invite you to an event in the Connect calendar. Those who have previously invited you using the old address will still see that address in the "Add: Guests" auto-complete suggestions, because that address has been saved to their personal Contacts. You won't be able to use the event invitation you receive, however, because you are now logging in as <newnetid>

The best way to handle this is to notify the person who used the old address that your netid has changed and the old address is invalid for invitations. Please ask them to re-invite you using the new address and remove the old address from their Contacts.

To remove the old address using the Google Web App:
- Log in and click the Google apps ("waffle") icon in the upper right corner.
- Select "Contacts". Use the search field at the top to find the old address.
- In the search results open that Contact, delete the old address, and click the "Save now" button.
- Close the browser tab showing Contacts.