Google Chat

Intro to Google Chat

Google Workspace Chat is now available to Connect customers. Chat is an instant messaging tool which allows you to chat online with a person or a group of people. It's convenient to use because it's included in the Google Workspace for Education apps.  It works on Windows and Mac computers, tablets and smartphones.  Conversations can be sync'ed automatically across devices, so you can start a Chat on your computer and continue on another device, like your phone.

If you choose to use Chat as your Instant Messaging tool, please make sure to read Guidelines on Messaging Etiquette.

Questions or comments can be directed to UCSB Enterprise Technology Service Center (ETSC) or visit our Frequently Asked Questions to see if we have already answered your question.


Chat Client Options

There are several ways to access Chat. The browser extension and desktop app run on both Windows and Mac, but the Chrome web browser is required. You might like the desktop app best since it opens in a separate window that can be configured to open automatically when you log on to your computer. If you prefer not to install a program or app, you can access Chat via any web browser at

Complete instructions can be found here.