Delegate Calendar and Hide your free/busy

This guide walks you through the process of hiding your free/busy and setting up Delagatee access to manage your calendar. Term definition: 

  • Delegator - the person who wants to have someone else manage their calendar
  • Delegatee - the person who will be managing the Delegator's calendar

On the Delegator’s calendar:

  1. Left click on the gear in the upper right portion of the calendar window, and select Settings:
  2. Select the Calendars tab.  For your calendar, under Sharing, select Edit Settings.
  3. Disable free/busy sharing with UCSB Connect
  4. Share your calendar with the people you want able to view/manage it, at the appropriate permission level:
    • See Only free/busy (hide details)
    • See all event details
    • Make changes to events
    • Make changes AND manage sharing
  5. Share "Manage Changes to Events" with your Delegatee. **NOTE** If you want Delegatee to also manage permission to your calendar, you choose “Make changes AND manage sharing”
  6. Go to Calendar Settings, General tab, and change the following:
    • Show events you have declined: No
    • Automatically add invitations to my calendar: No, only show invitations to which I have responded
    • Save

On the Delegatee’s Calendar:

  1. Delegatee should enable notifications for Delegator's calendar.  They must log into their own Google Calendar, click on the menu arrow next to the delegated calendar, and choose Edit Notifications.  Check the following to receive email notification of changes made to Delegator’s calendar:
  • New events
  • Changed events
  • Canceled events
  • Event responses