Adjusting Resource Calendars

You can make various adjustments for Resource Calendars such as event visibility, which events are automatically added and notifications for the Delegatee. This guide demonstrates how to make these changes.

Event Visibility

  1. In this example, Jane Gaucho is a Delegatee for the a resource calendar named Google-Calendar-Training. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the right-side of the Resource Calendar name and select Settings and Sharing


  2. Adjust the settings here to meet your needs. If you need to publish the calendar on the web you will need to check Make available to public and then choose what level of event details you would want published. You can also adjust the event visibility settings for everyone on UCSB Connect Calendar too. 

    Setting changes are automatically saved.


Blocking invitations from being displayed

  1. In the Auto-accept invitations section you can adjust the behavior of what happens when people invite your resource to an event. Use the down arrow to select from 3 options.  If you want to allow double-booking you need to choose the middle option - Automatically add all invitations to this calendar. If you do not want anyone but the delegatee of the resource to add events choose the last option Do not show invitations - NOTE that when you do this you should continue to the next step of this guide and enable email notifications for the resource calendar so that the delegatee is made aware of when people make attempts to invite the resource. 

    Setting changes are automatically saved


Adding notifications for the Delegatee

  1. See the General notifications section to modify who gets notified for which event.

    Setting changes are automatically saved