Using Archive instead of Delete

With Connect Google Workspace, you can "archive" a message when you're done with it rather than deleting it. Google archiving removes messages from your Inbox, but keeps them in your account so that you can always find them later. This is like moving messages into a filing cabinet for safekeeping, rather than putting them in the trash can. Archiving removes the Inbox label. The message is still in the "All Mail" label/folder and retains any other labels it may have as well.

Note: this archiving is different from the "auto-archiving" of older messages performed by the Outlook client. Google archiving is done by you.

If you use the Google Mail or the mobile GMail app, archiving is easy because these clients have a built-in Archive button. It appears above the selected or opened message(s):

If you use iOS, Apple has a guide here:

If you use Thunderbird, and configure it as described in our procedure, the Archive button will keep the message in the All Mail label/folder.

If you use Outlook with Google Mail, you can create a "Quick Steps" button on your ribbon to make archiving easy in Outlook too. On the Home tab, click on Create New in the Quick Steps box on the ribbon.

Name the Quick Step "Move to [Archived]", and under Choose an Action select Move to folder.

Choose the folder named [Archived] from the list of your folders.

Click on the Finish button at the bottom of the window.

To archive a message, select the message and then click on Move to [Archived] in the Quick Steps box.