Microsoft Outlook 2011- Google Apps

You can access your Connect G Suite account using Outlook 2011 on a Mac by following the steps in this configuration guide. IMPORTANT: You can access your G Suite email, but NOT your contacts or calendar, using Outlook 2011.

1. Open Outlook 2011. If this is your first time launching the program, you will see the screen below. Click Add Account and proceed to step 2. If you don't see this screen, click on the Tools menu and select Accounts.... Click on the '+' sign (lower left corner) to add an account and select E-mail Account from the drop-down menu. Proceed to step 3.

2. Select E-mail Account as the type of account.

3. Type in your E-mail address (your outbound address, like and password (the window will expand as you type the password).

NOTE: If you have activated 2-factor authentication ("2FA") for your Connect account, you must use the "app password" you created for Mac Outlook. For more information on 2FA and app passwords, go here.

Type your User name (your Connect address, <UCSBnetID> and select IMAP as the Type. For both Incoming and Outgoing servers, select Override default port and Use SSL to connect. For the Incoming server, type For the Outgoing server, type Make sure Configure automatically is unchecked. Click Add Account.

4. In the Accounts window, type an Account description (like Connect/Google). Verify that the information in the other fields is correct (it's OK if the incoming Override default port checkbox is now unchecked as long as the incoming port is 993).

5. Configure sending authentication by clicking on More Options.... For Authentication, select User Name and Password. For User name, type your Connect address (<UCSBnetID> For Password, type your UCSBnetID password. Click OK.

6. Turn off saving sent messages (G Suite saves them automatically, so the client does not need to). In the Accounts window, click on Advanced.... Click on the Folders tab and click Don't store a copy of sent messages. Click OK. Close the Accounts window.

7. You should now see your Inbox as well as all of your other e-mail folders.

8. Turn off client-side junk email filtering: select Preferences on the Outlook menu and leave that window open. Select Junk E-mail Protection on the Tools menu, and select None. Click OK. Close the Preferences window.

NOTE; If you use the Conversation view in your Inbox, you will see duplicates of messages marked Important. If you don't want to see duplicates, you can uncheck "Show in IMAP" for messages labelled "Important" in GWA. To do this:

1. Log into GWA, and in the "gear" icon drop-down, click Settings.

2. Click on the Labels tab and uncheck Show in IMAP for Important. After you have unchecked the box you may close the Google Web App window.