Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a great client for use with your Connect G Suite account. There are two options for configuring Outlook depending on how you expect to use Connect G Suite. For those who plan to use Outlook for email, contacts, and calendaring we recommend the configuration below. Alternately, if you don't need access to calendaring, or prefer not to use the Outlook calendar, you can configure Outlook using our Generic IMAP Client settings.

1. To access the full Google Apps suite from Outlook, you'll first need to install Outlook with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO). GASMO can be found at:

2. If you did not launch GASMO immediately following the installation, you can find it in your All Programs menu as Google Apps Sync --> Set up a Google Apps Sync user. For Email Address, type your Connect Address (ie, Click Continue.

Click Continue once more.

3. Log on to your Google account with your Connect Address and UCSBnetID password or choose an account to use for G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

4. At the bottom of the Request for Permission window, click Allow.

5. Switch from the browser to the Set Up Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook window.

6. If you are already using Outlook in Office 365, you can migrate your Contacts, Calendars, Notes, etc. from Office 365 to Google Apps/Outlook using this procedure. 

Otherwise, click Create Profile as shown below. Be sure that "Import data from an existing profile" is unchecked.

7. Click Start Microsoft Outlook.

8. Select the profile you just created and click OK.

9. Let the account synchronize. It will take a very long time (1GB may take 4 hours).

IMPORTANT: When synchronization is complete, exit Outlook, wait 30 seconds, and open Outlook. Prior to this restart, Outlook will use your Connect address as your outgoing address. After the restart, Outlook will use your previously selected (fullname or department address) outgoing address.

10. Automatically disables client-side junk email filtering.                                                                                                       

KNOWN ISSUES: Although it's possible to add a Microsoft Exchange account to your Google Apps Sync profile in Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®, we recommend against it. Using Exchange and Google Apps Sync in the same profile can cause sending errors and other problems.