Mobile Device Synchronization

Many hand-held devices can synchronize their calendar with a CorporateTime calendar using the SyncML protocol across a cellular data network or a Wi-Fi network. This allows device owners to keep their calendar up to date, regardless of their location. Information regarding this software, its acquisition and configuration is below.

Words of Caution

As you consider using a hand-held device to synchronize your calendar, there are some words of caution that we feel should be shared.

You must recognize that synchronizing two devices or systems is a complex process and can be fraught with challenges. These challenges are magnified by the use of wireless technology (signals can change, data connections can be dropped, etc.).

So….if you are planning to synchronize your hand-held device calendar with your CorporateTime calendar, please consider:

You should always be generally aware of your calendar and agenda. Periodically check that your hand-held device calendar does match your CorporateTime calendar.

Occasionally, synchronization does not work properly (dropped data connection, etc.) and what results is calendar data corruption. Meetings may be missing, duplicated, etc. In these situations, some “clean up” and a full synchronization can usually put things right.

Be sure you understand what works and what does not work when it comes to synchronizing items. Sometimes a hand-held device calendar does things differently than CorporateTime. A good example is repeating meetings in CorporateTime turn into individual events on most hand-held calendars. This is something you would need to know before relying on the synchronization of repeating meetings.

Be sure you have a plan for getting to your calendar if your hand-held is not working (it might have no battery power, for example). Carrying a printed copy of your calendar is an easy “fall back” option.

If you are away from your desktop for a prolonged period (traveling, perhaps), periodically use your hand-held device’s browser to access your CorporateTime calendar. This is a great way to be sure that your CorporateTime calendar does, in fact, match what you have on your hand-held device calendar.

And, if these risks are really too much for you to tolerate
Consider not synchronizing your calendar with your hand-held device at all, but instead use your hand-held’s browser feature to access and interact with your CorporateTime calendar.


Modern Mobile Devices

Synthesis SyncML Configuration (device-specific settings below)

SyncML server URL:
User:      Your UCSBNetID
Password: Your_CorporateTime_and_Identity_Password
Setting:    Contacts:   ./Contacts
                Events:      ./Calendar/Events
                Tasks:       ./Calendar/Tasks

We recommend setting a date range limit as well as choosing manual over auto-sync. This reduces the potential for problems caused by synchornization interruptions due to flaky network reception. Set the Limit to "ON" and enter the number of days Past and Future.


Android Devices

Synthesis AG provides the “Android SyncML” client for Android devices (Motorola, HTC, etc.). This application is available at SynthesisAG and the license can be purchased at the Android Play Store.

NOTE: The SyncML product does not connect to our CorporateTime server when used on newer versions of Android devices. You can still access and manage your calendar by pointing the web browser Google Chrome for Android at

Additional configuration settings:

Server Settings:

  • SyncML version: = SyncML/OMA DS 1.2
  • Ignore SSL errors = ON
  • SyncML encoding = WBXML (if needed)
  • App Identifies itself as "SySync Client Android STD" = ON

Events Settings:

  • Organizer and Attendees will be synced to this device = OFF

IMPORTANT: If you are also synchronizing this calendar to your Google calendar account, the Google sync will cause all attendees to receive email notifications unless this setting is off.

  • The AllDay flag will be set in the Android calendar = ON
  • Write new server UIDs into *other* calendars = ON
  • Turn ON your "Active SyncML Calendar"

All other settings can be “OFF”


Apple iOS Devices (iPhone / iPad)

Instructions for SyncML Pro for iPhone 4/4s with iOS 5.x/6.x and iPhone 5 (an off-shoot of Synthesis AG) provides two Calendar applications for the Apple iPhone.  They are available from the Apple App Store.

“Tasks+Cal+Sync” (formerly "Todo+Cal+Sync")

Synchronizes your CorporateTime calendar with its own calendar on your iPhone (ie, it does not use the native iPhone calendar).

Additional configuration setting:

SyncML version = SyncML 1.1

“SyncML PRO” (requires iOS 4.0 or newer)

Synchronizes your CorporateTime Calendar with the native iPhone Calendar.

Additional configuration settings:

Server Settings:

  • SyncML version = SyncML DS 1.2/OMA DS 1.2
  • Ignore SSL errors = OFF
  • Use Proxy = OFF
  • Log next sync = OFF
  • Legacy mode = ON

Calendar Settings:

  • Server Path: ./Calendar/Events
  • Date Range Limits = ON
  • Past days: 30 (suggested)
  • Future days: 90 or 180 (suggested)
  • All local Calendars = OFF
  • Included Calendars: Calendar
  • Store new entries in: Calendar

If "Calendar" is not an option:

1) Make sure you are NOT sync'ing with Gmail Calendar (sync'ing with both Gmail and CorporateTime calendars causes problems)
select “Settings”, “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, “Gmail” (Calendars = OFF)

2) Launch Calendar app, tap “Calendars” at top left, select “Calendar” (check mark)

IMPORTANT: If you have iOS5, you must use

  • Tasks+Cal+Sync v3.0.2 released 11/10/11
  • SyncML Pro v3.0.1 released 11/10/11

Additional configuration settings for version 3.x:

  • Note: Preferences button moved to top left.
  • SyncML Settings - Automatically sync = OFF
  • SyncML Accounts - Sync this account in autosync and global sync = ON

If you update to 3.x from a previous version, please verify all of your configuration settings before and after in case they change or go missing during the upgrade.

Examples of things to check:

  • Your preference for synchronizing Contacts and/or Tasks
  • Confirm the "s" in "https:" in the server URL
  • Calendar selected for "Included Calendars" and "Store new entries in"

You may have to select a "SLOW" sync for the first synchronization.


Palm and Microsoft Windows Mobile Devices

Synthesis AG provides SyncML clients for Palm and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices.  This application is available at SynthesisAG and the license can be purchased at Kagi.


Blackberry Devices

Nexthaus Corporation provides SyncML software for Blackberry devices.  This software, called SyncJE, is available for purchase from Nexthaus Corporation.


Nexthaus SyncML Configuration Details

SyncML server URL:
UserName:      Your UCSBNetID
Password:       Your_CorporateTime_and_UCSB Directory_Password
Setting:    Contacts:   ./Contacts
                Calendar:  ./Calendar/Events
                To Do:      ./Calendar/Tasks

Select the WAP option (and not MDS or BIS)

IMPORTANT: Select "Skip Saving Attendees" or everyone invited to your meetings will receive email notifications every time you sync.

The default and maximum range for synchronizing the Blackberry is set to 30 days backwards and 30 days forward.  If you’d prefer not synchronizing this much data, you can modify these values in the Nexthaus client.



Do not interrupt SyncML synchronization; doing so may cause error messages on the device requiring a soft system reset or a "Slow" or "Full" (complete) synchronization.  

If you change the Synthesis client data range, the next sync will be a Slow or Full synchronization.

If you mistakenly delete an item on the hand-held device’s calendar and wish to restore it, perform a Slow or Full synchronization.

If you have any questions, please contact your Connect Departmental Admin.