Student Connect Accounts

Students Connect Accounts

Students' Umail accounts were migrated from Microsoft Office 365 to Connect Google accounts in the summer 2018.  There is detailed information about the migration process on the campus Umail website.

Students should continue to contact Collaborate Student Services if they require any help with their Connect account.

Things to know:

  • Your Connect account is your UCSB Google account.  To log into your Connect account use your along with your UCSBnetID password.  Do not change your password within Google or your email password will be out of sync with your UCSBnetID password.  If you need to change your Connect password, use Identity Manager.  The new password will then work with your Connect email account.
  • Google's 2-Step Verification is a way to protect your account in the event someone gets your password.  We recommend that you enable 2SV on your account in order to protect it from being compromised.
  • Suspicious Login:  Google is fully committed to the security and privacy of your data and protecting you from attempts to compromise it. If Google detects a suspicious login on your account they may present you with a login challenge.  You will be prompted to provide your account recovery information in order to log into your account. Setup your Account Recovery information as soon as possible.  Google has a list of Tips that will help you set this up properly.
  • Suspicious Activity:  If Google detects suspicious activity on your account, they will suspend it.  You will be locked out of your Connect account and you'll need to contact Collaborate Student Services to gain access.  Check out the Google Security Check List to ensure your account is secure.
  • Compromised Account:  If your account has been flagged as compromised, your password will be scrambled and you will be locked out of your account.  You will not be able to use the same password in the future.  You need to go through Identity Manager and login using the required information in order to create a new password.
  • Account Deactivation:  For information regarding the account deactivation process upon graduating, you can visit Student Services Help Center. .Prior to account deactivation, you can transfer your UCSB Connect data into a personal account by using Google Takeout.  You have unlimited storage while using your UCSB Connect account.  Google allows 15GB free storage limit on personal accounts.  To help determine what to transfer, you can check out what counts against those limits and plan accordingly.