MTA Service for Devices

MTA Service for Devices

Connect provides a Message Transfer Agent (MTA) service that can be used by devices and applications to send outgoing email.  Typically you would use an MTA service for printers, scanners, or in-house software for which authenticated SMTP isn’t an option or is otherwise inappropriate.

To protect the MTA service from abuse, we require pre-registration of the device’s IP address.  Only registered devices may use the MTA service.

You can register your device by having your Connect Department Administrator submit a support request.  Be sure to provide your Connect Department Administrator with the IP address of the client system.

Connect Department Administrators: To submit a support request for an MTA service, access the UCSB Enterprise Technology Service Center (ETSC)Under Messaging and Collaboration select Connect MTA Service and then select the appropriate Item from the list. 

Once your device is registered, you’ll want to use the following parameters to configure your system:

  • SMTP server address:
  • Port: 25
  • SSL/TLS: No

You will need to ensure the message is being sent from a valid From address.  Meaning, the address from which messages are sent must be a valid address that you yourself can send a message to.  If you don’t already have a suitable address, your Connect Department Administrator can request either a Delivery Alias or Functional Account via the UCSB Enterprise Technology Service Center (ETSC).