Why do messages go into my Spam folder when I don’t want them to?

Like any email system, Connect will sometimes put a non-spam message into your Spam folder. Spam decisions depend heavily on reports from users, who can mark and unmark messages as spam or not. Connect learns from user corrections and over time automatically adjusts the classification to match users’ preferences. There are several options when using the Connect web interface to "teach" Connect what is spam and what isn't:

Unmark it- If you find any message wrongly classified as spam, you can simply unmark the message: Just select the message, and click the Not Spam button at the top of your current view. Unmarking a message will automatically move it to your Inbox and add the sender to your Contacts list.

Add the email address to your Contacts- Connect will deliver messages from members of your Contacts list to your Inbox. To add a Contact using the Google Web App: In the Mail drop-down menu in the upper left, select Contacts, click on the New Contact button, and fill in the information. The new Contact is saved automatically.

Create a filter- This will ensure that the messages are never sent to Spam. Learn how to create a filter.

If you're sending to Connect end-users and are seeing your messages marked as spam, please contact your local email support. If you are experiencing issues with spam, we recommend that you ask your CDA to submit a Help Request.