Important messages I send are going into the recipient’s Spam folder. What can I do?

This is indeed frustrating. Here are some ways to help avoid your messages going into another person’s Spam folder:

1. Avoid using Spam Triggers in the subject line of your email. This means avoiding specific words like Free, Guarantee, Opportunity, or Buy Now and never using ALL CAPS.

2. Communicate with the recipient and ask them to Mark As Not Spam the messages you send. Professors: always recommend to your students that they Allow Sender (eg., add your email addresses to their Contacts) or create a filter so messages are never sent to Spam.

“Legitimate” email that might be marked as spam includes: newsletters, non-UCSB lists/mass-marketing emails, and solicitations

If you need assistance, contact your Tier 1 support personnel or ask your CDA to submit a Connect Help ticket at