How do I share my mailbox folders in Outlook 2010/2013?

Outlook on Windows (2010/2013)

  1. In the navigation pane, select the folder you want to share:

  2. In the Folder tab, click Folder Permissions:

  3. Click Add…:
  4. Search for the person you want by name. Click the Add -> button, and press OK once you’re done adding users:
  5. Customize their permissions for this folder by using the Permission Level drop-down menu and the checkboxes below:

  6. Click OK once you’ve finished setting permissions.

Note: It is not recommended to share your entire mailbox. If you need to grant this level of access to someone, adding them as a delegate is the best option.

Outlook for Mac 2011

If you use Outlook for Mac 2011, please see this guide.