How do I publish an HTML or iCal version of my calendar?

  1. Log into OWA
  2. Click on the Calendar view if you are in the Outlook (E-Mail) view
  3. Right-click your calendar and select permissions...
  4. Under the Public Calendar section, add the viewing (sharing) permissions (you can have only one for publishing online)
  5. Click Save
  6. Right-click your calendar again and select permissions...
  7. Two links now appear under the Public Calendar section - the View Calendar is an HTML based URL that you can view on its own or embed on an existing website. The Subscribe to Calendar is an iCal based URL that you can use to subscribe to the calendar from another calendaring client that supports the iCal format.

  8. You can right-click the View Calendar or Subscribe to Calendar links and select Copy Link Location to publish them elsewhere.