How do I move Outlook Autocomplete data between profiles

There will be two of these Stream_Autocomplete files in your path - one for your old Outlook profile and one for your new.

Based upon the modification date you can determine which is old/O365 and which is new/Google. In your case, the O365 should have a modification date of yesterday since that's the last time it was used.

For example the O365 one may be called Stream_Autocomplete_0_XYZ.dat & your Google one may be called Stream_Autocomplete_0_ABC.dat

  1. Close outlook
  2. Move the google one to your desktop
  3. Duplicate the O365 one
  4. Copy the filename of the google one on your desktop
  5. Change the name of the duplicated one to the google name
  6. Open outlook
  7. You can delete old google one on desktop now.