How do I delegate access to my account? (general)

Sharing your mailbox via delegation

Note: Before proceeding, please review Best Practices for Sharing and Delegation.

Delegation gives Office 365 users permission to access certain features of your mailbox, such as:

  • Viewing and/or making appointments on your calendar.
  • Looking at and updating tasks.
  • Reading mail in your inbox and sending mail on your behalf.

If you have access to another's account and act on their behalf, you are known as a delegate. If the other person does not need to be a delegate, you can use conventional sharing (see Sharing your Calendar and Sharing mailbox folders) to grant them a more limited form of access.

If you use Outlook 2010/2013 (Windows):

Delegation in Outlook 2010/2013 (Windows)

If you use Outlook 2011 (Mac):

Delegation in Outlook 2011 (Mac)