How will my personal Gmail account(s) be affected by my Connect account?

Your Connect account is managed separately from your personal Gmail account(s), therefore the data and settings from these accounts will remain separate.  Only data that you manually copy between the accounts will be shared (e.g. if you send a personal email to your Connect mail account). 

Whatever account you log into first will be the default account for additional applications in G Suite (Groups, Drive, etc).  If you want to use the same browser to monitor your Connect account and your personal gmail account, be sure to log into your Connect account first.

How does the hosting provider protect its infrastructure against hackers and other threats? Is my data safe from other customers when it is running on the same servers?

Established providers of web-based services have gone to great lengths to protect against threats. They run their data centers using custom hardware running a custom OS and file system. Each of these systems has been optimized for security and performance. They work with external parties to constantly test and enhance security infrastructure to ensure it is impervious to external attackers. And because they control the entire stack running our systems, we are able to quickly respond to any threats or weaknesses that may emerge.

How does privacy protection for Connect differ from that in consumer-level services?

UCSB’s contracts with Microsoft and Google put in place stronger protective measures around data stored and transmitted in the UCSB implementation of cloud core services (eg, Connect email) than found in consumer-level cloud services. Data stored in our core services are not scanned for the purpose of displaying ads. Data stored in core services are also not accessible by non-core services, including consumer-level Microsoft and Google services and third party sites.

Who owns the data that UCSB users store in Connect?

The hosting provider does not own UCSB account holders' data. Google does not take a position on whether the data belongs to UCSB or the individual user, but they know it doesn’t belong to them. (For specific questions about UC’s intellectual properties and copyright policies, please refer to UCOP’s Copyright Resources.) Specifically, they won’t share your data with others except as noted in their privacy policies. They will keep your data as long as UCSB requires them to keep it.


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