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Can I "unsend" a message?

Want to unsend an email message? Add a graphic to an email? How about hiding early morning and evening hours on your calendar? These and many other special functions are previewed in 'Labs' -- Google’s testing ground for experimental features. Warning: Lab features are not as fully tested as the standard features and may cause incompatibilities. Click Settings -> Labs to see a list of recently developed functions, then click Enable to add them to your email or calendar (remember to click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the list).


Is it true that Google cuts you off after sending a certain amount of emails?

Connect/Google Apps does limit the amount of mail a user can send. You can review the limits here, which restrict the number of both messages and recipients per message. After reaching one of these limits, you could get an error message and your account might be suspended for up to 24 hours (you won’t be able to send any mail).

Is Connect accessible?

The University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and access for all members of the University community and to compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. Google has made improvements to the accessibility of Google Apps for Education and continues to work on bettering the accessibility of its products. UCSB is closely tracking these activities. Google provides specifics on the current status of accessibility of its products and its adherence to international standards on its website.

What services are included in Connect's Google Apps for Education suite?

UCSB’s contract with Google includes access to specific core services: Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs, Groups, Hangouts Chat, Keep, Sites, Tasks, Google Chrome Sync, Jamboard and Vault. These services are provided under the G Suite agreement.  Additional Services (like YouTube, Google +, and Maps) are designed for consumer users and can optionally be used with G Suite for Education accounts.


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