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What are the ramifications of using both the Google web app and a desktop client to access Connect/Google Apps?

If you are planning to switch frequently between using a desktop IMAP client and the Google web app (GWA), we recommend the following configuration:

Make sure the All Mail label, which holds Archived messages, is checked for Show in IMAP within your Google Web App "Labels" settings (see configuration guides for more details).

How does Google protect UCSB against spam, viruses and phishing attacks?

Google Apps has some of the best spam & virus blocking technology around integrated into Google Apps.

Messages Google believes may be spam are delivered to a folder (well, a label) called "Spam". Messages remaining in this folder for more than 30 days are automatically deleted.

Google will learn what you consider spam.  Use the "Report spam" and "Not spam" buttons to train Google spam filters.

Connect/Google uses labels rather than folders to organize messages. How do I use labels?

Email folders and labels have much in common. Like folders, labels can be created, edited and deleted. Your account migration translated your former folder names into your current label names, which preserved your folder-subfolder hierarchy. Unlike with folders, multiple labels can be assigned to a single message. See Google's own documentation on Using Labels for detailed instructions.


How often do features in the Google Apps web interface change?

Google is continually updating their web-based tools to improve usability and add new features. Typically new features are first available for preview in the "Labs" section (under the "gear" icon) for many months, which allows for significant testing. Before being released to all Connect customers, they're announced to the Connect  team for further testing so we can adequately answer questions about any changes.

How can I switch between multiple accounts (e.g. my functional and personal accounts) in the Google Web App?

To use both your Connect personal and a Connect functional account in the Google Web App (GWA), you can save yourself an extra login by "delegating" access to your functional account to your personal account. To do this, log into your functional account in GWA and click Settings -> Accounts. In ‘Grant access to your account’, click 'Add another account', enter your email address, and follow the steps.


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