Is there a limit to the number of emails I can send?

Yes, you can send up to 2,000 messages per day. Outgoing messages must also conform to the limits of 10,000 total recipients per day (including the To, CC, and BCC fields) and 100 recipients per message. A large number of recipients can best be managed by creating a Google Group (mailing list) that contains those recipients and sending to its single address. For more information on limits, see:

How do I add one of my other email addresses as my "From" address?

Sometimes you want to change the "From" address when sending email, but the address is not available. You can add an address that you own using the Google Web App. Log in and click on the gear icon in the upper right. Select Settings and then the Accounts tab. In the "Send mail as" section, first look to see if the address is already there. If it is, simply click on make default to the right of it and it will become your default "From" address.

When I go to the functional account login page, I don't see the I on the correct login page?

Use a different browser to log in. Every internet browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) stores login information — called cookies — that automatically directs the browser to the previously-used login page. Since the login page for a functional account is different from the one used for personal accounts, it’s often best to use different browsers to log in to a functional account and your own account.


Why do messages go into my Spam folder when I don’t want them to?

Like any email system, Connect will sometimes put a non-spam message into your Spam folder. Spam decisions depend heavily on reports from users, who can mark and unmark messages as spam or not. Connect learns from user corrections and over time automatically adjusts the classification to match users’ preferences. There are several options when using the Connect web interface to "teach" Connect what is spam and what isn't:

How can I block phishing attempts?

Taking the time to report them helps our staff stay one step ahead of phishers. Select the message you'd like to report. Click on the "More" drop-down arrow next to the Reply button and choose Report Phishing. If you realize that you just accidentally replied to a phishing email, don’t worry: in the GWA you can also immediately click "Undo" afterwards to recover the message.



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