Why do I receive calendar invitations that don't work ever since I changed my UCSBnetID?

This happens because the event creator invited you using your old Connect address, <oldnetid> If they have used the old address to invite you in the past, it still exists in their Contacts and was available to select in the "Add: Guests" field. The invitation you receive is non-functioning because you are logged into Connect as <newnetid> For more infomation, please see Changing My UCSBnetID.

How do I stop the calendar sync on my Galaxy S5?

The calendar on the Galaxy S5 keeps syncing and may not show all of the events on your calendar. This issue can be resolved by restarting the android phone in Safe Mode and then turning off Safe Mode:

1. Shut down the phone: hold the power button and then tap Power off.

2. Power on the phone and, as soon as you see "Samsung", hold the down-volume button until you see your Home or Lock screen.

3. Unlock your phone and turn off Safe Mode.

If a person has more than one address, which one do I invite to a meeting?

When creating meetings, if a person has more than one address, ALWAYS select their address. If a person has more than one address, either will work. If a person does not have an address, they do not have a Connect Calendar account, and selecting their department address will send a meeting invitation email.

Can I give my personal google calendar access to a Connect Calendar?

Yes, you can "share" your Connect Calendar with anyone who has an address. You can even allow them to "make changes" to your primary calendar. NOTE: although you can assign "make changes" for a custom calendar you created on your account or for a resource, the account will be able to view but not create or modify events on these types of calendar.


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