Rules and Information for Connect Migration Period

Future Connect Users,


By now you should have received communications from the Connect project team which provides an overview of the migration process and the start date of the migration activities for your particular wave.  For an easy and complete migration, please do NOT engage in the following behaviors once your migration period has begun. 



Your folder structure will be migrated before your email.  As a general rule, do NOT touch your folders during the migration period. Specifically:

  • Do not change the spelling, case, or name of a folder

  • Do not create new folders or re-organize nesting of historical folders

  • Do not add, change, or remove system labels



Once the migration period begins, all messages with a timestamp older than one month will be migrated first to your new Connect account.  As a result, any changes to your email after we begin the migration will not be reflected in your new Connect account.

  • Do not delete or move these older emails from one folder to another


Address Book

We have good news for you. All UCSB contacts are available in the Google Directory. This means that once you begin using the Connect service, you will be able to easily add any UCSB contact.


Mail Forwarding

We understand that many individuals have setup mail forwarding rules. At the time your deparment transitions to the Connect service, mail forwarding rules will be dropped. Mail will route to your new Google account.

Mail items not migrated

  • Items larger than 25MB

  • Executable files in compressed attachments

  • Importance levels (high priority for instance) - the actual messages will migrate

  • Rules

  • Signatures

  • IMAP/POP account settings