Appropriate Use of Email

Both the nature of email and the public character of the University make email less private than users may anticipate. Do not use Connect to store or transmit sensitive data. Email is not encrypted and should not be used for sensitive communications.

Your email account is your responsibility: do not share access or account passwords with others, or you may be held responsible for any misuse of your account that occurs as a result. Do not use your campus email for any commercial activity, including publishing your address in association with commercial activities.

Unless you are appropriately authorized to do so, please don't use email to give the impression you are representing, giving opinions, or making statements on behalf of the University.

Other practices to avoid:

  • sending unsolicited mass mailings without the consent of all addressees, unless authorized on behalf of the campus by an appropriate administrative official 
  • sending chain letters, spam, or harassing email
  • knowingly forwarding or originating hoaxes, scams, viruses, or other types of fraudulent messages 
  • forging messages or masking the identity of an account 
  • intentionally engaging in practices such as "denial of service attacks" that impede the availability of electronic communications services to other users
  • violations of copyright law 

If you have questions about whether certain transactions are appropriate for campus email service, please contact our support desk.