Delegating Access to Your Account

Google Apps allows you to delegate access to your email (and/or calendar) so that other people can access and use your account to varying degrees without having to know your password. The two sections below describe the process to follow:


Instructions for setting up mail delegation (when granting access to your account, invite the delegate's <UCSBnetID> address) :

The delegated account will automatically appear within a short time under the delegate's profile icon in the upper right corner of the Google Web App. To view it, click the delegate's profile icon and then click the "delegated" account's name. It will open in a new browser tab.

If the delegate is using Microsoft Outlook, they need to follow these instructions to add the account to their Outlook profile:

We suggest you wait one hour after setting up delegation in the Google Web App before attempting to add the account to Outlook.


If you wish to delegate access to your calendar, please follow these instructions: