Connect Mailing List Service


In general, a mailing list provides the ability to send a message to a single email address and have it distributed to multiple recipients.  Connect currently supports two separate mailing list tools which are described below.

Connect Groups Mailing List

Connect Groups mailing list is our new service offering and it is powered by Google Groups.  Any new requests for a mailing list will be fulfilled with a Connect Groups mailing list.

To learn more about this service click here (Mailing lists service).
To learn more about managing an existing Connect Group click here (Quick Start Managers).

Sympa Mailing List

We are sunsetting our original Connect Mailing List service (Sympa), which is being replaced with Connect Groups.  Existing Sympa mailing lists are still supported.

For instructions on how to manage an existing Sympa mailing list, click here.

To go directly to the mailing list instance for your department, click here.