Connect Accounts

Connect Account Eligibility

Connect provides email, calendaring, and collaboration services for UCSB faculty and staff. To be eligible for a Connect Account, you must first have activated your UCSB Identity.


Connect Account Types

The Connect service comes in two flavors: one that we call all-in service, and another that's known as calendar-only.

All-in service provides email and calendaring functionality, while calendar-only provides only the calendaring features to allow for a single scheduling platform across campus. Calendar-only service is preferred for organizations that prefer to run their own email service but still have a need to schedule with colleagues in different units.

See our page on Participating Departments for details on which organizations use Connect in which ways.


Getting a Connect Account

Account Management for Connect depends on which flavor of service your organization uses. If you're in an all-in department, Connect accounts can be created and managed by your organization's Connect Departmental Administrators (CDA).

Those in departments that use Connect for calendar-only service can have accounts created by having their CDA submit a support request.

In either case, if you're not sure who is your CDA for your parent organization please consult our CDA Directory.


Connect Account Deletion

To delete a Connect Account when an individual leaves the University or the account is otherwise no longer needed, the CDA can have it deleted by submitting a support request.